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Why the Finish Carpenter Needs Insurance

 Fri, Feb 15, 2019
A Photo of a carpenter The interior carpenter, better known as a “Finish Carpenter”, is the final process when building a home or business. He or She finishes the interior trim, molding, windows, stairs, and baseboards. All of this gives the home or building that finished look.

There are certainly risks in what you do. Even though important, good training and safety precautions cannot always protect you. Certainly, a Finish Carpenter needs good insurance.

General Liability Coverage

Your Interior Carpentry business will certainly benefit from a good general liability policy. It could protect your carpenter business from another individual's claims of injury to body, costs related to medical, and damage to property. For example, you are building cabinets in a customer’s home. You leave your hammer out and the client trips over it and falls to the ground breaking their ankle. A general liability policy for interior carpenters may cover the medical costs for your client and insolate you if they take legal action.

Interior Carpenters can also benefit from property damage, loss of data, or personal injury.

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