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Why Do Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

 Fri, Jan 02, 2019
A Photo of a real estate agent Health and fitness experts help their customers get in great shape. Many people need guidance along the way allowing for accountability, consistency, and motivation. Many personal trainers need insurance to help protect them against liability claims. Legal action is for real even if you have done nothing incorrect. Your customer could injure themselves from equipment being used during a workout. Or, pain from an injury may occur even after the session.

Professional Liability & General Liability insurance policies help protect against such claims.

Are you one of the following?

 Zumba Instructor
 Yoga Instructor
 Professional Trainer
 Pilates Instructor
 Massage Therapists

If so, consider shopping your insurance online at Many payment options are available including monthly or one single annual payment.

Own your own building? We can also cover your building and contents as well via our Business Owners Policy (BOP).

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