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Trimming Your Landscaper Insurance

 Mon, Oct 15, 2018
A Photo of a Compass Pointing at the Text 'Business Consulting' Landscapers do everything from planting, preparing the soil, shearing hedges, and most importantly mowing. Many landscapers are also referred to as gardeners. What a responsibility to make certain everything is in tip-top shape for the homeowner and business owners’ landscape.

"Without a General Liability policy, you pay out of pocket."

The last thing a landscaper wants to do is to trim back on insurance. Do you have a General Liability policy in place? The omission of a General Liability policy causes serious issues. For example, you or one of your employees breaks the front window. Who will pay for the claim? You will, directly out of your pocket. If you had a General Liability policy, you could turn in the claim to your insurance company. Coverage would be in place up to the limits of your liability coverage. Another example involves you or your employees who say something slanderous about your customer. Your customer finds out about the discussion and sues you for the slanderous comments. Without a General Liability policy, you pay out of your pocket. With coverage in place the claim is covered by our policy up to the limits of your liability. The policy can even cover legal expenses. Another example involves your customer who trips over your lawn mower while you are taking a break. You end up paying out of your pocket for the injury. If a General Liability policy is in place, the Bodily Injury coverage portion of your policy kicks in up to the limits of your liability

Again, if you’re in the landscape business, don’t trim on a General Liability policy. You need it. Be wise. You can purchase with small monthly payments. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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