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Trimming Insurance for Hair Stylists and Barbers

 Fri, Feb 1, 2019
A Photo of a camera lense Ever wonder if your customers sitting in the barber chair are wondering if you have general liability insurance? We realize your customers love you and want you to stay in business. Anything can go wrong. You can be sued. You can hurt a client with scissors. Someone can slip and fall in your barber shop.

This is not the time to trim! However, it is the time to shop and compare. You didn’t spend many hours in barber school just to lose your business to an unforeseen accident.

You can customize your general liability coverages online based on your business needs. Need a certain limit? You can pick it. Need coverage to cover your equipment? You can pick an amount.

You can also protect yourself with Professional Liability insurance. What happens when you cause a medical accident? What happens if your client's private information is released? You can have coverage.

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