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Insurance Through the Lens of a Photographer

 Tue, Jan 15, 2019
A Photo of a camera lense Photography is a unique business and unique situations. Not all photographers are professional. Professionals are paid for services rendered. Many professional photographers, full time or part time, face risks just like any other business. Photographers that do weddings, family photos, special events, football, basketball, baseball or any other sport need to stay in business without loss of income. Overheated equipment and special props can cause unique claims scenarios for your business. You need to be prepared.

When it comes to damaging your equipment it’s essential that you aren’t chasing bad money with good money. You can opt to have coverage for your camera equipment. If there’s damage, you can file a claim to cover damage to your equipment. This coverage can be included with your General Liability policy or Business Owners Policy (BOP) and is styled Business Personal Property.

General Liability coverage helps you if there’s a lawsuit that has resulted from bodily affliction including trips and falls.

Coverage that protects you against defamation, libel, and property damage can be included as well.

You can purchase same day insurance right from our website. A Certificate of Insurance is also included.

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