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Can I Purchase Commercial Insurance Online?

 Sat, Dec 1, 2018
A Photo of a hand holding a cellular device Ever called an insurance agent to inquire about business insurance? If so, you probably got asked questions like this:
1. May I shop your home insurance?
2. Where are you placing your auto insurance?
3. Do you have life insurance for you your family?

Most are tired of being hassled by their insurance agent.

Studies have shown that most people who are shopping for insurance are doing so because they want a lower price. It’s difficult for business owners to pick up the phone and tell their agent, “I want a lower price!”. Did you know that only 20 percent of adults never shop online? More than likely you are reading this article and fall into the 80 percent category.

Imagine this experience, you go to a website without talking to ANYONE on the phone. You select your business type on the screen. You go through a short interview. You are presented quotes on the screen. You have the option to select coverages that meet your needs. Again, without ever speaking to anyone! You are presented quotes on the screen with monthly or annual payment options. If you like the quote, you can purchase it right then and there.

Tired of the usual insurance agent hassle? Try our fully digital commercial insurance shopping experience right here on this website. Top notch A rated carrier available.

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