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Learning about Insurance for Tutors

 Fri, May 31, 2019

A tutor is a private instructor who teaches a student or a small group. It s important for tutors to investigate insurance for their profession. Here are some things to consider. In this present belligerent world, training experts and specialists need the security of expert risk protection, or, for instruction experts like tutoring, instructors' Professional Liability Insurance. Read More

Do Website Designers Need Insurance?

 Wed, May 15, 2019

Yes, of course! Website designer protection is a fundamental layer of insurance for any individual who maintains a business (large or small) in charge of structuring or actualizing the look and feel or the usefulness of customer site pages. This remains constant whether the website specialist works in a customary office, a home office, or on an independent premise. Read More

Can I Purchase General Liability Insurance for Interior Painters Online?

 Wed, May 01, 2019

Yes! You can purchase general liability insurance for your interior painting business online. The process is simple and easy. Just click the "Quote Now" button below. You can also quote (without purchasing) so you can compare against your current carrier. Our carrier is an "A" rated stable market.

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How Can I Prepare for a Tornado?

 Mon, Apr 15, 2019

Tornado season is upon us. Many businesses and individuals are asking the questions, How can I prepare for a Tornado? Being aware of storms means that you and your family not just realize how to prepare yourselves in case of a tornado, but also that amid those occasions you screen climate for serious tornado watches. It implies that you have arranged ahead of time where you will take cover at home, work and at different spots that you and your family normally visit.

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Guidelines for Less Stress During Wedding Season for Event Planners

 Mon, Apr 01, 2019

Regardless of whether you plan weddings, reunions, or raising money, there's likely one season that is busiest for you. Regardless of when your bustling season is, these tips will enable you to accomplish more in less time.

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Insurance for Property Managers

 Fri, Mar 15, 2019

Property managers have some great obligations, for example, screening occupants, leveling rental rates, and gathering rent. In the meantime, the procedures of taking care of leases, orchestrating upkeep, planning fixes, and managing removals accompany their very own remarkable dangers for experts in this profession. You could even be sued for real damage and property harm that have nothing to do with your expert services kinds of cases that, without a legitimate arrangement set up, put private companies in danger. This is the reason we offer protection for property managers to address proficient risk and general liability insurance before they ever happen.

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General Liability Insurance for the Massage Therapist

 Fri, Mar 01, 2019

To prevail as a massage specialist, you should be learned and natural mixing science and craftsmanship. You have unique risks. Things can happen while giving a massage. A slip. A fall. Since substantial injuries are normal while working out, fitness coaches, yoga studio proprietors, and different wellness experts ought to likewise have a general liability protection arrangement set up to secure themselves. Work for massage therapists is ever expanding. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics predicts a 23 percent increase in back rub treatment work somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2022 - quicker than the normal rate for all occupations. You have a great job. Now protect it!

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Why the Finish Carpenter Needs Insurance

 Fri, Feb 15, 2019

The interior carpenter, better known as a Finish Carpenter , is the final process when building a home or business. He or She finishes the interior trim, molding, windows, stairs, and baseboards. All of this gives the home or building that finished look.

There are certainly risks in what you do. Even though important, good training and safety precautions cannot always protect you. Certainly, a Finish Carpenter needs good insurance.

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Trimming Insurance for Hair Stylists and Barbers

 Fri, Feb 01, 2019

Ever wonder if your customers sitting in the barber chair are wondering if you have general liability insurance? We realize your customers love you and want you to stay in business. Anything can go wrong. You can be sued. You can hurt a client with scissors. Someone can slip and fall in your barber shop.

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Insurance Through the Lens of a Photographer

 Tue, Jan 15, 2019

Photography is a unique business and unique situations. Not all photographers are professional. Professionals are paid for services rendered. Many professional photographers, full time or part time, face risks just like any other business. Photographers that do weddings, family photos, special events, football, basketball, baseball or any other sport need to stay in business without loss of income. Overheated equipment and special props can cause unique claims scenarios for your business. You need to be prepared.

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Why Do Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

 Wed, Jan 02, 2019

Health and fitness experts help their customers get in great shape. Many people need guidance along the way allowing for accountability, consistency, and motivation. Many personal trainers need insurance to help protect them against liability claims. Legal action is for real even if you have done nothing incorrect. Your customer could injure themselves from equipment being used during a workout. Or, pain from an injury may occur even after the session.

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Real Estate Agents Have Real Risks

 Fri, Dec 14, 2018

As licensed professionals, Real Estate Agents are responsible for arranging the buying and selling of real estate. Most often, Real Estate Agents income is solely commission-based, so their level of income is dependent on their ability to assist their clients and close transactions.

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Can I Purchase Commercial Insurance Online?

 Sat, Dec 01, 2018

Ever called an insurance agent to inquire about business insurance? If so, you probably got asked questions like this:
1. May I shop your home insurance?
2. Where are you placing your auto insurance?
3. Do you have life insurance for you your family?

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No Cracks in Your Plumbers Insurance

 Thu, Nov 15, 2018

Plumbers must be ready for anything! Leaks! Cracks! Oversights! You are constantly repairing and installing pipes, fittings, and making sure water is supplied! Plumbers insurance is one of the most important aspects of your business. Make sure there are no cracks!

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Why Insurance Agents Need E&O

 Thu, Nov 01, 2018

Insurance Agents carry the unique risk of making mistakes daily. Let's face it, we're all human and we all make mistakes. So how do Insurance Agents protect themselves? By purchasing an E&O policy also known as professional liability. Here are a few examples that may come into play for your insurance agency.

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Trimming Your Landscaper Insurance

 Mon, Oct 15, 2018

Landscapers do everything from planting, preparing the soil, shearing hedges, and most importantly mowing. Many landscapers are also referred to as gardeners. What a responsibility to make certain everything is in tip-top shape for the homeowner and business owners landscape.

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Three Types of Insurance Every Business Consultant Should Consider

 Mon, Oct 01, 2018

A business consultant helps customers develop game plan for a project or can be used to direct a company and leaders in a certain direction. The consultant offers his or her expertise with certain industries or technologies. These game plans can include business standards, commerce methods, and conceptualization meetings.

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Why Press Releases Are Important for Your Business

 Fri, Sep 14, 2018

The on-line news release plays quite a substantial role with regards to disseminating important info and updates on the internet. Through on-line news release, an internet site owner can be capable to inform the launching of a brand-new web site, vital updates or encouraging new services or products.

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Handyman Business Insurance Options

 Fri, Aug 31, 2018

A handyworker, handyperson, or a handyman, is skilled in doing reconstruction and repairs usually around a business or home. The tasks may vary and can range from labor on jobs to repairing a leaky toilet.

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Why Janitors Need Business Insurance

 Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Janitors can clean just about anything including homes, hospitals, high-rise buildings, offices, restaurants, & schools. Cleaning services can include anything from cleaning floors, carpets, toilets, sinks, countertops, & lockup up buildings.

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Three Important Reasons Your Business Needs Insurance

 Thu, Jul 12, 2018

Business insurance helps you in case of damage to your property as well as liability claims. Without insurance you're paying out of your own pocket. Business insurance is the smartest purchase your company can make.

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